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A Word to Homeschool Moms in the Age of Trump

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I homeschooled my kiddos. The reasons were myriad but it came down to this: it was the best choice for my kids, my family.

We’d do anything for our kids, wouldn’t we? We sacrifice time, money, careers, privacy, decades of our own lives and wishes and needs. We put up with the rude comments, the scoffers, the “well-meaning” family members. Why? We would do anything for our kids. Anything to give them what they need to succeed in life. The day I handed my youngest kiddo his diploma was one of the proudest days of my life.

I can think of no group better suited to understand an immigrant bringing their child to the United States. Above anyone else I know, homeshooling mamas should recognize the love that drives a parent to extraordinary lengths. And above anyone else I know, homeschooling mamas’ hearts should hurt for the parents and babies coming to our borders for help and being torn apart.

Have you hailed as heroes those moms who homeschooled “underground” in the early days, until they won the fight to legalize it? Did you proclaim the US should grant asylum to German families whose homeschooled kids were taken away from them? Have you refused to follow your state’s homeschool law because it’s government interference in your parenting, or cheered those who have done so, or worked to ease requirements? Do you talk about religious liberty, the pursuit of happiness, the autonomy of the person and the family?

Then you can understand. You can understand the parents who bring their babies here in the hopes of giving them a better life. You can understanding parents who want to protect their kids. You can understand that red tape is hard to navigate, and that the law is not always the primary consideration (though I will note that US asylum regulations require you to get here by some means, legal or otherwise, to request asylum, leaving these parents no choice!). And you can understand the horrific injustice of separating these parents from their kids, of forcibly institutionalizing the children in any way.

I would-and have!-risk my life for my kids. I would-and have!-risk my future for my kids. I know you would, too. I know you’re a fierce lioness guarding the gates of your kids’ future. And I’m calling on you to come alongside these immigrant moms, in all your fierceness, and help them do the same.

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