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In Which I Am Annoyed

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This morning in the shower (where I do all my best thinking) I realized something, and it annoyed me. The realization, that is, not the act of realizing, which I could doubtless use more of.

I have some abandonment issues, which I will not go into here and you should count yourself lucky about that, but which were triggered by the whole getting-kicked-out-of-church thing. Consequently, one of the (many) things that upset me about that conversation in which a bunch of men kicked me out of my church family was that they affirmed my salvation–my place in God’s family–but they didn’t want me in their family.

That was really awful and excruciatingly painful. And by ‘was’ I mean ‘continues to be’. But it was not annoying.

No, annoying is my realization this morning that they were completely out of line affirming my salvation. How dare they? Of the six ‘clobber verses,’ at least two say otherwise!

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 states not once, but twice, that homosexuals (and the rest of the list of people) ‘will not inherit the kingdom of God’. And Romans 1 talks all about how homosexuality came about as a result of turning one’s back on God. At least that’s how anti-gay Christians interpret it, right?

Get your act together, guys! If you’re going with the “plain reading” method here, you’d darn well better apply it to the whole passage, not just one or two words. Tell me my faith is a lie. Tell me I’m damned to Hell. Go on, do it.

And if you can’t, if you’re unable to reconcile what you’ve seen of my faith and the faith of other queer Christians with the idea that we simply cannot be saved just as we are, could it possibly be that you’ve misunderstood? That translation and interpretation might have been skewed by cultural influences? That an inability to understand something might lead to an inability to accept it? Just maybe?


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