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Finding Ourselves in Fiction: Carol

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When free time and inspiration strike, I enjoy writing fiction.  (‘Enjoy’ is perhaps not the right word. Writing fiction is, I think, a form of masochism.)  While pondering a story about two women falling in love, I realized that I’d never read one, and thus had difficulty conceptualizing it.  Representation matters! So now I’m on the look-out for inclusive books, films, and TV shows.  I plan to share them with you as I find them.

Carol, based on the book The Price of Salt, is a beautifully done film—the sets, the clothes, the cars! *sigh*  Set in the 1950s (but filmed/released in 2015), it displays not just the romance between two women, but glimpses into the traumas wrought on queer people by a disapproving society, including the judgment that queerness makes for an unfit parent, and that psychiatric treatment is an appropriate response to homosexuality. I enjoyed Therese’s innocent way of following her own heart and path even as she did not understand it, and the strength both women displayed.

Raciness: There is a single beautiful but fairly explicit sex scene. It can be skipped without missing any plot.

Caveats: The cast is almost entirely white, and one character is a verbally abusive, controlling man.



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