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New Year, New Blog

Several years ago I gave up New Year’s Resolutions in favor of yearly goals or themes (does anyone really keep resolutions, anyway?).  I’ve had the year of Reclaiming Childlike Joy (hello, hula hoop!), the year of Being Intentional (about All The Things), and the year of Getting Out of the Comfort Zone (scary, but worth it!).  2016 will be the Year of Living Fearlessly.

What does it mean to Live Fearlessly?  I’m still figuring that out.  But I know I need to.  I worry like it’s a hobby; like there are prizes for Best Worrier or Worrier In Most Categories or something.  I think somewhere along the way, the desire to be a responsible adult morphed into this terrible thing.  And it doesn’t seem to actually make me any more responsible–if you’re too worried that there won’t be enough money to pay all the bills, you might avoid balancing the checkbook, for instance.  Well, I might, at any rate.

I made a list of all the things I worry about.  It is long, and I keep adding to it.  Don’t worry, I won’t share it with you!  But on that list are things like ‘making people uncomfortable by having opinions and speaking up’ and ‘looking foolish’.  And that brings us to this blog.  I’ll be talking about the things I care about.  I might be wrong sometimes.  I might say things people don’t want to hear.  I might confuse you by posting about my approach to health one day and something crafty the next.  And that’s all okay, because one little blog is nothing to be afraid of, right?  Right.

Fearless (adj.):  without fear; bold or brave; intrepid.

I’ve always wanted to be intrepid.